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Job Description

Company Overview
Client is from Europe, and has clients in the construction, civil engineering, electricity and equipment industries around the world. Founded in 1968 as a Japanese corporation that provides products and services for customers. With overwhelming brand power and product capabilities internationally in the construction industry, now expand to more than 120 countries, with over 28,000 employees and is still expanding their business.

Also, in the 2017 edition of European "ranked companies with global companies" ranking (Fortune magazine style In the survey), it is also a group with high employee satisfaction, including being selected as seventh.

Job Description
Title: Procurement management specialist
I am looking for someone with demand forecasting, ordering / delivery date management and in supply chain management. It plays an important role.

【Job content】
Business details: In the meantime, you will be in charge of the following businesses and expand the range of business according to experience.
➢ Data analysis utilizing the demand forecasting system
➢ Order and delivery date management to overseas production bases
➢ Collaboration with sales and marketing staff
➢ Collaboration with customs broker on import procedure of products
➢ Order entry and inventory management by SAP
➢ various instructions to the warehouse

【Reason for applying】
Diversified human resources gather to further revitalize the company, overflow with innovative ideas, and a highly productive team
So, if you do not have experience in the construction industry there is absolutely no problem.

➢ experience in supply chain planning
➢ experience of order entry ordering and delivery date management
➢ Inventory management experience
➢ Who can communicate smoothly with other members

(Welcome requirement)
➢ Logistics experience at overseas manufacturer Japan corporation
➢ People who have learned the supply chain at universities, graduate schools, etc.

【Required qualifications】
➢ English intermediate level
* Mail creation in English, level required for overseas collaboration is mandatory
Preferential treatment
➢ Experience working in business software such as SAP, ORACLE
➢ Excel intermediate level (VLOOKUP, PivotTable etc. available)
➢ English advanced (business level) and NATIVE Japanese language skills

This position is base in Yokohama.

Additional Job Information
Yandy Low
Supply Chain Division
03 -6820 - 0377