Job Description

Company Overview
ICT venture company in construction industry

Job Description
[Details about work]
Strengthen recruitment of all occupations in line with the rapid growth of company.
Looking for recruiters to focus on recruiting activities for the generation that will create our future.
It is an attractive job that supports the growth of the business in terms of human resources and organization

■ New graduate / mid-career recruitment
・ Selection of recruitment method and improvement of PDCA for measures
・ Planning and implementation of population formation measures
・ Interview / interview attendance with candidates
・ Collection / analysis of data on recruitment and HR
・ Follow-up until joining the company
・ General operations related to recruitment, such as various measures after joining the company
* As a future career, it is possible to engage in a wide range of work such as system planning, education, training, organizational design, etc.

■ Characteristics of this position
・ It plays a role of supporting and leading the organization.
・ You can boldly take on new challenges.
・ You can participate from the strategy planning phase.
・ It is an important position to create an in-house atmosphere, and it is very rewarding.
・ Because you can understand the issues of the entire company, you can improve your ability to have a high perspective.
・ The environment is flat and well-balanced in work-life balance, close to the president and officers.
・ We will be involved in the growth of services with a high degree of social contribution that solve problems in the construction industry with IT

Additional Job Information
[Working hours]
・ 9: 00-18: 00
・ Two days a week (Saturday and Sunday), public holidays
・New Year holiday
・ Summer vacation
・ Annual paid leave