職名 TA member / leader / Manager
分野 人事・総務 求人
仕事における推薦者 JO-210114-246744

Job Description

Company Overview
Japanese IT solution comapny

Job Description
TA member or Manager

As a hiring manager, we will take care of planning and implementation to maximize the number of hires in your area of responsibility.
・ Population formation to achieve recruitment goals
-Agent negotiation
-Scout media operation
-Media operation
-Planning / planning of other new recruitment methods

・ Progress management
-Updated recruiting tools (HRMOS, Excel)
-Current status analysis (recruitment route, forecast / actual management, difference analysis, etc.)
-Development of solutions to the extracted issues (improvement of selection flow to maximize the acceptance rate of informal appointments, etc.)

■ Required
* Applicable to any of the following
(1) More than 2 years of mid-career adoption experience at a business company
(2) Human sales experience at a human resources introduction company
* The order of priority is ①⇒②.
■ Available
・ Work experience and industry knowledge in the IT industry
・ Experience in hiring engineers
・ Experience in hiring more than 50 to 100 people a year