RGF is a global brand of Recruit Group, Japan

Job Description

Company Overview
IT consulting company

Job Description
Talent acquisition

【Experience / skill required】
• Knowledge of career recruitment in general
• There is at least one high level of expertise among the business areas described in the job description
• From the resume submitted by the applicant, to be able to correctly read the technical area and to be able to judge
• Be able to obtain information necessary for deciding adoption such as applicant's personality, competency etc. at interview
• Knowledge that IT language and industry trends can be talked with on-site management and consultants is desirable
• General knowledge of personnel affairs other than recruitment is desirable
• English ability (global communication) is desirable

【Request Professional / Human Skill (People)】
• Communication skills (Ability to communicate hardships to others)
• Challenge mind · Entrepreneurship
• Improvement, enthusiasm, vitality
• Flexibility (incorporating good things and evolving)
• Presentation skills and bargaining power
• Bird's eye view / systematic view / thinking