Job Description

Company Overview
Financce IT consultating firm

Job Description
HR members (mid-career recruitment or human resource development / system design)

[Details about work]
The distance to the management team is close, and we take on all the work related to "people" in the company.
You can experience all HR work except labor work.
Build a career as a generalist in charge of a wide range of activities from recruitment to training / training and system planning and operation
Whether to pursue some kind of specialty can be considered according to the intention and aptitude.
There is a policy that we always plan and operate ourselves without using existing ones.
It is an environment where the idea of ​​"do it first" is deeply rooted by actively incorporating new proposals.

(1) Recruiter
You will be mainly in charge of mid-career recruitment.
Experience from upstream processes such as recruitment planning and budgeting is possible.

(2) In charge of human resource development and system design
You will be in charge of human resources education and training, evaluation system construction, and other personnel planning work.

(1) Planning and management of informal training
(2) Planning and management of new employee training
(3) Planning of training by rank
(4) Verification, review, planning, planning of evaluation system(5) Personnel system planning and operation

● Required experience (any of the following)
・ Experience in the human resources industry
・ Management / junior training experience
・ Knowledge and experience about the IT industry

● The desired person
・ Those who have set high goals and achieved them in their careers
・ Those who are interested in recruiting and are looking for a HR career