1 Market Research/Data analytics/Associate Director

Location: Japan - Tokyo
Job Type: Permanent
Salary: 9000000 - 12000000 JPY
Job Function: Business Analyst (BA)
Reference: JO-191024-203712
Industry: Life Sciences & Healthcare
Sub-Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Company Overview

Business Analyst at Global Pharmaceutical Maker

Job Description

Job Description


(Sales Rep & Manager/Marketing/Data Analystなど) への価値を最大化する

• アジャイル組織・変化のスピードに対応できる汎用的・柔軟なDataPlatform・分析環境を構築・強化する
• データ及びシステムのQualityを担保し、システムの安定稼働に責任を持つ

• DWH・Data Mart・自由分析環境のPlatform & Roadmapの定義・構築
• Data Definition & Data Cleansing & Master整備 for Data Analytics
• Data Interface Platform & Roadmapの定義・構築
• BI Solution(Tableau,Spotfire,NewToolなど)の提供
• New Technologyの導入・活用 (Both Local & Global solution)
• Documentationの定義 (Agile & Not-Agile)
• Legacy DWH & Interface & MasterのDecommission/Replacement

• Data Warehouse/Data MartのDesign及び構築の経験・Skill
• BI Solutionの導入及びシステム構築の経験・Skill
• データ分析の経験・スキル (Unstructured dataを扱うことができる)
• データ分析ツール・BIツールの高度な活用(SAS, Alteryx, Tableau, MS Excel, MS Access, etc.)
• データ連携・データマネジメント・ETLに関するシステム構築の経験
• 最適なData Platformを設計し、Businessに貢献するという意欲と熱意
• 新たなテクノロジーの導入に向けたセルフディベロップメント・向上心
• 強いオーナーシップ/責任感とモチベーション(やる気)
• 高いコミュニケーション、コラボレーションスキル
• 問題解決能力・提案力
• 変化に適応できる柔軟性
• プロジェクト管理スキル
• 英語 (Business)

• Big Data Platform・Analyticsの経験
• 製薬のコマーシャル領域(Sales, Marketing, Digital)のシステム構築またはデータ分析の経験
• 製薬のコマーシャル領域(Sales, Marketing, Digital)の業務プロセス・データの知識
• アプリケーション保守・運用の経験・知識、ITILの知識、重要性の理解
• システム及びデータをEnd to Endで捉え、全体最適を考える戦略的・論理的思考

Secondary Language(s) Job Description:

Brings deep expertise on data engineering, architecture and governance, including defining data strategy and platform roadmap, unifying data architecture and capabilities, and implementation of governance

Maximize value to business (Sales Rep & Manager/Marketing/Data Analyst, etc.) by defining and building platform & governance of optimal data environment

• Consolidate/Construct Versatile and flexible Data Platform & Analytics environment that can respond to agile organizations and the speed of change
• Have responsibility for Quality of data & system and Stable operation

• Define and construct Platform & Roadmap for DWH/Data Mart/Free Analysis Environment
• Perform Data Definition & Data Cleansing & Master Maintenance for Data Analytics
• Define and construct Data Interface Platform & Roadmap
• Provide BI Solution (Tableau,Spotfire,NewTool, etc.)
• Introduce and utilize New Technology (Both Local & Global solution)
• Define Documentation (Agile & Not-Agile)
• Decommission/Replace Legacy DWH & Interface & Master

• Work experience & Skill of Data Warehouse & Data Mart
• Design/Construction
• Work experience & Skill of Implementation and Construction for
BI Solution
• Work experience & Skill of Data Analytics (Can use Unstructured data)
• Advanced utilization of Data Analytics Tool & BI Tool (SAS, Alteryx,
Tableau, MS Excel, MS Access, etc.)
• Work experience of Data Integration, Data Management and ETL
• Motivation and enthusiasm to build optimal Data Platform and
contribute to our company Business
• Self-development and improvement for introduction of new technologies
• Strong ownership/responsibility and motivation
• High level communication and collaboration skill
• Problem solving & Proposal skill
• Flexibility to adapt to change
• Project management skill
• English (Business)

• Work experience of big data platform and big data analytics
• Work experience of Data Analytics or system development in commercial area (Sales, Marketing, Digital) of pharmaceutical company
• Knowledge of Business process and Data in commercial area (Sales, Marketing, Digital) of pharmaceutical company
• Work experience/Knowledge of Application Support/Operation,
Knowledge of ITIL and Understanding Importance of them
• Strategic and logical thinking that considers system and data end-to-end and considers overall optimization