RGFプロフェッショナルリクルートメントジャパンで働く社員に、RGFでの働き方について聞いた、A Consultant's Story。



Experience at RGF


Q: How does your experience from your previous company apply to your role at RGF?

My background in sales and experience in the solar power energy industry have proven invaluable in my current role at RGF. As a Manager of the Energy Team, I can effectively leverage my sales expertise, industry knowledge, and extensive network to drive success.


Q: Do you encounter challenges when managing a team with diverse backgrounds?

Managing a team with diverse backgrounds is not overly challenging. Most team members, including our Japanese consultants, have experience living overseas. Language can sometimes be a hurdle, but our team members are proactive in helping each other bridge language gaps. We support one another in tasks like writing emails in Japanese or English, essentially becoming each other's language teachers.


Team management


Q: What does "teamwork" mean to you?

Teamwork, to me, means that every team member can be both a student and a teacher. No one should hesitate to ask questions or seek assistance. We support each other and facilitate learning within the team. I've initiated study sessions during our team meetings, where each member presents on a topic of their choice. It can be anything, from Japanese tax to other industry-related subjects. In our team, anyone can play the role of the teacher or the student. Teamwork is about learning from one another and not being afraid to seek help.


Q: What were the challenges you faced as a manager?

Initially, managing my time was a significant challenge when I became a manager. I had to adapt to unpredictable calls and events. Over time, I've become more skilled at managing my time effectively.


Work at RGF


Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of working at RGF?

There are several rewarding aspects to working at RGF. We have opportunities to use English, fostering an international and inclusive environment. Additionally, we have a healthy balance of Western and Japanese work cultures. Even though language differences exist, we all get along remarkably well. The RGF brand is also a significant advantage, making our jobs easier and offering clear evaluations. We can directly see the results of our efforts, and the company's flexibility and diverse environment are hard to find elsewhere.


Q: Message to those considering a career at RGF:

As I've mentioned in a YouTube video, RGF is an exceptional place to work. People here collaborate harmoniously, and there's a distinct lack of conflict or negativity. You can focus solely on your work without worrying about complicated interpersonal dynamics. Work hard and enjoy life; our work-life balance is surprisingly flexible. Nobody scrutinizes your working hours or vacation plans, and it's perfectly acceptable to take a day off and have fun.


In addition to that, at RGF, we place a significant emphasis on investing in our people through comprehensive training programs designed for all levels, including managers. What sets us apart is that we don't merely follow a rigid playbook. We have a dedicated Learning and Development (L&D) team that provides robust support and fosters connections with the Recruit headquarters team. This collaboration enables us to access job orders and resources efficiently.



We actively promote internal collaboration, sharing job opportunities, candidate information, and insights. It's evident that the company prioritizes our growth and development, which, in turn, greatly enhances our effectiveness and success in our roles.