We are excited to announce the release of our RGF Quarterly Job Market Index report for Japan. 

The employment market is currently showing signs of stability, aligning with the gradual recovery of the economy. The employment rate and the number of new job openings remained unchanged. However, the ratio of job openings to active jobseekers have increased as well as a rise in openings within the private sector job placement market.

Find out more about the job market trends of Japan in Q3 2022 in our report. Notably, the number of job openings has increased in the Manufacturing sector, driven by the growing number of new projects due to business restructuring initiatives. The Consulting and select IT Consumer domains have experienced a rise in the number of new registrants from different industries, including emerging fields, like DX, sustainability and Web 3.0, has increased. To gain comprehensive insights into the evolving Japan job market, we encourage you to download our report.