RGF is a global brand of Recruit Group, Japan

Our Services

RGF Professional Recruitment Japan offers a comprehensive, bespoke recruitment approach to each type of client and vacancy


We offer high quality recruitment services on a contingency basis to many of our clients. In simple terms, this means that any recruitment fee would only be due after a successful hire.

We have access to the deepest database of bilingual candidates in Japan, which allows us to react to any vacancy with speed and quality. We can also consult with you and give advice on all aspects of the hiring process, including but not limited to;

Candidate profiling - including salary benchmarking

Job description content

Interview process 

Candidate offer management and resignation process


Some clients prefer to work with us exclusively and will pay an upfront fee in order to make sure their vacancy is a priority assignment for RGF. This works particularly well for clients that have multiple vacancies of the same type - allowing us to dedicate an entire team to source candidates in that area.

This approach can also be successful for niche, sensitive or difficult to fill positions where we can work extremely closely to ensure a positive hiring outcome.

Global Talent Recruitment

Many Japanese companies face a shortage of talent in key job functions, particularly for technical positions like engineers.

Compounding this issue, many of these same companies are also expanding overseas. This creates a high demand for candidates that have the technical skills as well as an understanding or experience or overseas cultures.

RGF Professional Recruitment Japan has access to a network of candidates across Asia through the 45 offices we have in the region, allowing us to support Japanese businesses with global talent requirements.

Tired of looking through countless job postings? Let us sieve out the right ones for you.