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RGF Professional Recruitment Japan, a Recruit Group Company, strives to be the recruiter of choice for bilingual professionals and global organizations in Japan.

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Job Interview

We will support you through the interview process and share useful tips for all types of interview

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Is it necessary to have an interview with RGF PR for job introduction?
Yes. At RGF Professional Recruitment Japan, we require candidates to have an initial interview with our consultants so that we will be able to introduce suitable positions for you based on your experience and future preferences.
Is the interview with RGF PR on site?
Online meetings or telephone calls are preferred at this moment. No matter where you are located, we will be able to arrange a meeting. We also welcome you to have a face-to-face meetings. If you prefer to visit our office, feel free to tell your consultant.
I do not have time on weekdays.
RGF PR only accepts interviews on weekdays. If it is not convenient for you during the daytime on weekdays, we can schedule after 18:00.
Can RGF Professional Recruitment Japan introduce positions overseas?
Positions we can introduce are only recruitment projects in Japan. However, some clients hire global talents for oversea related positions or expatriate positions. If you are interested in those positions, feel free to contact our consultants.
If you are looking for local employment positions overseas, please contact our group company, RGF HR Agent.
What are confidential jobs?
Confidential jobs are jobs that you cannot find on a company website or job boards. The most of jobs we handle are confidential and we will introduce those jobs to candidates with relevant experience and/or preference. At RGF PR, we also have many exclusive jobs.

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