RGF Professional Recruitment Japan has experienced remarkable growth with a tenfold increase in sales over the last eight years. We are actively seeking individuals who resonate with our vision of "Unleash Potential". Join us in our mission to provide unparalleled career opportunities and support to as many people as possible.

Our Vision

"Unleash the potential of talent and be a bridge to a better world"

Through the creation of employment opportunities, we aspire to exceed societal expectations and pave the way for a prosperous society where individuals can fully unleash their potential and shine.

"Maximize your potential and live a life that is uniquely your own"

We believe that the "work" an individual chooses to do has a great deal of meaning and impact on his or her life. Our mission is to act as a bridge between companies and individuals seeking employment, and to be a partner in facilitating ideal connections and encounters.

As a result, we aim to contribute to a society by increasing the number of individuals who can live fully satisfying lives that are uniquely their own.

Why Work for RGF PR Japan?

Work Hard, Play Hard!

Every day at RGF is challenging and rewarding.

Built upon the principle of "Pay For Performance," our approach ensures that both responsibilities and rewards are shaped by an individual's competence and the expectations set, independent of age or experience.

This system paves the way for accelerated career progression and personal development, where advancement is driven by one's capability and demonstrated results.

Diverse Environment
About 30% of our employees are foreign nationals from 18 countries.
Expand your horizons by working with people from different cultures and backgrounds. This is an invaluable experience in your career in a global business environment.
Candidate and Client Driven Relationships
Get involved with multiple companies in various industries and expand your business network.
You will be able to work closely with candidates and clients, contributing to both parties.
Having a strong network within and beyond the region will get you places in talent acquisition. Work with us and gain access to an incredibly diverse pool of teammates, experts, and thought leaders.
Mission Grade System
We provide a wide range of benefits that include flexible work arrangements, insurance coverage, mobile allowance, gift cards, vacation days, and attractive rewards for top-billers and high-performers.
Work Life Balance
We strive to create an environment that is more flexible, more creative, and easier for individuals.
We have introduced a flextime system where employees can live their life the way they want to.
Fun Committee
From sports day and team bonding activities, to our Diamond Club, celebratory lunches, family day events, and company-wide seasonal events. Our mantra is 'we work hard, we play hard.'

Employee Interviews

At RGF Professional Recruitment Japan, our team comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds. We've conducted interviews with some of our employees to gain insights into their daily work, job satisfaction, and how they strike a balance between their professional and personal lives.

Onboarding Training

At RGF, the Learning & Development (L&D) team in collaboration with your Managers and team mates, beginning from your first month up to the sixth month after joining the company.

1st month

Training during the first month of employment combines basic training based on a comprehensive textbook encapsulating Recruit Group's know-how and experience with practical hands-on training delivered by our on-site managers. Our commitment to individualized training ensures that even candidates with limited experience have the opportunity to evolve into successful consultants at RGF.

1st month: Basic training (Basic training in accordance on recruitment process as well as hands-on practical exercises, including role-playing scenarios)

2nd month

From the second month onward, you’re learning journey will focus on acquiring the specific recruitment skills relevant to your industry and job type. n This primarily involves on-the-job training conducted in real work environments. you will receive training to enhance your talent scouting and interviewing skills, as well as mastering the company research methods required for your role in real-world scenarios.

Other Training

We offer a wide variety of training programs, including hands-on sessions that delve deeper into the practical use of tools used in daily operations, the introduction of new functions, as well as industry knowledge sharing sessions with prominent figures in the company tailored for each team.
In addition, in the sixth month, top management provides a follow-up training session to share and revisit the company's vision.

Interview Process

RGF Professional Recruitment Japan follows a structured recruitment process to evaluate candidates. We anticipate that the duration from your initial application through the entry form to the informal job offer may take approximately one to two months. Please keep in mind that this timeframe is a general estimate and could vary based on schedule adjustments and other relevant factors.

Step 1


Please apply from the "Application Page".

Step 2

Resume Screening

Screening will be conducted based on the documents submitted at the time of application.

Step 3

Interviews (3-4 times)

StepInterviews will be conducted with management and on-site personnel.
The final interview will be held at our office.

Step 4


Congratulations! We look forward to you joining us.

Step 5

On boarding

We are waiting for you at our Meguro office. Let's work together from now on!

Message from our Talent Acquisition team

Message from
Talent Acquisition Manager

Life at RGF Professional Recruitment Japan

As everyone's "norm" is different, RGF PR is bound by seven values that unify us into one team. While we share a common DNA, we leverage our individual strengths and abilities to the fullest as a team. We invite watch the video to get a sense of our corporate culture and the unique personalities of our members!

Start a new chapter at RGF

RGF Professional Recruitment Japan has a culture of celebrating and recognizing team accomplishments together while building an enjoyable and rewarding career in a team-oriented environment.
If you are seeking growth in a dynamic environment characterized by diversity, we encourage you to get in touch with us!


Is it necessary to have an interview with RGF PR for job introduction?
Yes. At RGF Professional Recruitment Japan, we require candidates to have an initial interview with our consultants so that we will be able to introduce suitable positions for you based on your experience and future preferences.
Is the interview with RGF PR on site?
Online meetings or telephone calls are preferred at this moment. No matter where you are located, we will be able to arrange a meeting. We also welcome you to have a face-to-face meetings. If you prefer to visit our office, feel free to tell your consultant.
I do not have time on weekdays.
RGF PR only accepts interviews on weekdays. If it is not convenient for you during the daytime on weekdays, we can schedule after 18:00.
Can RGF Professional Recruitment Japan introduce positions overseas?
Positions we can introduce are only recruitment projects in Japan. However, some clients hire global talents for oversea related positions or expatriate positions. If you are interested in those positions, feel free to contact our consultants.
If you are looking for local employment positions overseas, please contact our group company, RGF HR Agent.
What are confidential jobs?
Confidential jobs are jobs that you cannot find on a company website or job boards. The most of jobs we handle are confidential and we will introduce those jobs to candidates with relevant experience and/or preference. At RGF PR, we also have many exclusive jobs.