RGF is a global brand of Recruit Group, Japan

Interview Process

Step 1: Understand "You"

The first step is to meet the team of consultants that specializes in your area. This is the most important part of the process for us. It's vital that we understand what's important in your next move and what makes you tick! 

We try and develop a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. We're happy to speak to candidates at any stage even if you are just beginning to consider the idea of changing companies.

Step 2: "Find the Match"

We represent a wide variety of the leading companies in Japan. Once we understand your needs, we can start to introduce jobs and clients that we represent - a great "next step" in your career.

Our consultants understand the companies they work with intimately. They can paint a full picture of the culture, work environment and career opportunities of the clients they represent. This allows you to make informed choices about the companies you want to apply for.

Step 3: "Apply!"

It sounds simple and it is...

Together with your consultant, you will draw up a shortlist of potential clients and roles that you are interested in and we will start talking to them about your background and why we feel you are a good fit.

Step 4: "Interviews"

We support you in every step of the proccess. Our job is to help you prepare as well as possible so the interview goes smoothly. We'll be able to give you a detailed insight into the person you are meeting and their interview style. We also provide general advice to those candidates whose interview skills are a little rusty or are even changing jobs for the first time.

Step 5: "Offer"

Once you're in the fortunate position of receiving a job offer from one of our clients, we'll make sure that all your questions are answered to help you make an informed decision.

After you've made up your mind, we'll also provide advice and support to help you through the resignation proccess.

Tired of looking through countless job postings? Let us sieve out the right ones for you.