Dear Applicant,

Thank you for applying to work at RGF Talent Solutions Japan K.K. (“RGF"). Please read and sign the following Consent Form Regarding the Handling of Personal Information on Applicants for Employment and Non-Disclosure of Confidential Information.


1. Personal information

Personal information means information concerning an individual, which can identify the individual based on the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, educational institution, or other descriptions, etc. constituting such information. Any information which cannot identify the individual solely by itself but which can easily be cross-referenced with other information and, as a result thereof, can identify the individual, is also included in the scope of personal information.


2. Purpose of collecting and using personal information

RGF uses personal information collected from applicants only in our recruitment activities and does not use information beyond such purpose.


3. Method of managing personal information

RGF strictly manages the personal information we collect. RGF are committed to implementing appropriate security measures to prevent the loss, misuse, or alteration of personal information under our control. Personal information is stored in a secure environment that is inaccessible to general users. 


4. Accuracy of personal information

RGF strives to accurately process personal information you provide. However, you are responsible for ensuring that the personal information you provide is accurate and up-to-dated.


5. Voluntary nature of providing personal information

Although it is not necessary to provide all of the items asked for, if you fail to provide necessary information, we may not be able to consider you for employment.


6. Provision of personal information to third parties

RGF does not provide or entrust personal information we collect to third parties without your consent, except as required by law. However, personal information may be disclosed without your consent within the confines of applicable laws and regulations in cases falling under section 7 below.


7. Outsourcing of personal information handling

RGF may outsource personal information handling work in whole or in part. RGF shall be responsible for the handling of personal information by the party to which such work is outsourced.


8. Disclosure etc. of personal information

In the event that you request notification, disclosure, correction, addition/deletion, suspension, or elimination of the use of your personal information or suspension of provision to a third party, RGF shall take prompt action according to our internal regulations. However, in cases in which complying with such requests might impede necessary operations, RGF may not be able to accommodate your request for disclosure, correction, addition/deletion, suspension or elimination of information. Please contact the chief information management officer below for specific information on how to make a request.


9.Person responsible for the management of personal information

The chief information management officer is responsible for the management of your personal information and strives to appropriately protect your personal information.


Contact details: Administration, Senior Operations Manager, RGF Talent Solutions Japan K.K.

4F oak meguro, 2-13-30 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141‐0021

Telephone: 03-4563-1700


10.Confidential information pertaining to RGF obtained during the recruitment process

RGF strictly prohibits applicants from divulging confidential information about RGF obtained during the selection process to outside parties.