RGF is a global brand of Recruit Group, Japan

Interview Process


Stage 1

In the first interview you'll meet with our Talent Acquisition team. This will be a relatively informal meeting, giving both sides the opportunity to ask lots of questions and see if there is an initial fit.

Stage 2

Stage two is a more technical interview, where we will probe into your recruitment experience in more detail (if you have no recruitment experience we'll be examining the core competencies that are required to do the job).

At this stage you'll be meeting someone senior in our business, usually a Director or the MD or the managers of specific teams that we are considering you for.

Stage 3

The final interview. Meet any final key decision-makers you did not meet in stage 2, and the last chance for either party to iron out any concerns.


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Your Career with RGF

We are equally attractive to both fresh graduates and experienced consultants.


Interview Process

We have designed the interview process to be as quick and decisive as possible.


Our Culture

We try to keep things simple, in that we judge people on results and nothing else.