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Members Voice

What do you like most about working here?

-  Jun Takamatsu 

I’ve been working at RGF Professional Recruitment Japan since January 2012 after graduating from a university in New Zealand. I am currently working as a Senior Marketing Manager, building a team and operation from scratch. 

The thing I like most about working at RGF PR Japan is the potential to grow. Here at RGF, it doesn’t matter what your nationality, age, and gender is. As long as you put in the effort and deliver results, you are evaluated fairly and given new opportunities to grow further. Throughout my career, I've had several opportunities to take on new challenges including promotions as a recruiter, stepping up to becoming a manager, managing multiple teams, and taking a new function as a marketing manager. 

RGF PR Japan is more than just a company for me. I built my career from scratch, I met my wife here and I feel that it’s more like a family to me. I have progressed and experienced so much not only in my career but life as well thanks to RGF PR Japan.

How you would you describe the culture and the people here at RGF ?

- Cody Draper

Judging from my experience of working at other international recruitment agencies, RGF is a culture of support.  RGF’s culture is designed for professional and personal growth of its employees.

The diversity of nationalities and how we come together as a family is stunning.  The atmosphere is entertaining, enjoyable, and competitive.

Everyone at RGF is aiming to be the best in our industry and at the same time, sharing their time and knowledge to help their peers grow.  

In my years of experience in recruitment, sales, and marketing the people at RGF are the most lively, mentoring, and mature.

Everyone at RGF is passionate about their team members, the industries they cover, and most importantly, their clients and candidates.

What do you like most about working here?

- Jonathan Naylor

I think that RGF Professional Recruitment offers many benefits that make it an enjoyable place to work but the point I appreciate the most is the ability to make my own decisions. 

We have grown very quickly over the past 2 years but the freedom for managers to choose who to hire and how to manage has never changed. We are free to select people based on our own recruitment style and also on our team’s personality. The freedom also exists in our daily work. The direction of the team and the allocation of work and budget is always decided by the manager. This means that team members can feel they have a say in how they work as the instructions and decision are not forced upon from somebody disconnected to their desk. Direction can be changed quickly and also decisions can be made in a very short space of time. 

I should also mention that having a pool table, futsal team and free beer are also points I enjoy very much too!! 

What is exciting about the work you do?

- Setsuko Shimauchi

Coming from internal HR, working with so many different clients in various industries such as IT, consulting, fashion & luxury, manufacturing, financial services and hospitality is definitely one of my favorite things about my job. 

I also genuinely enjoy talking and working with candidates in our area. Our team covers Office Administrational roles such as Executive Assistant, Customer Support and General Affairs hence our candidates have great people skills. They are so pleasant to talk to and very appreciative of our service. Since many of our candidates are usually open to hear about job opportunities because their positions can be somewhat unstable - they value our regular catch-ups and job introductions. I often get feedback from candidates that they feel energized or cheered after meeting or talking with me perhaps because I’m loud. lol but I am happy to know that I can lift someone’s mood! 

Being a team manager while delivering results as a consultant is definitely challenging, but I really enjoy working with my team members. It is a fairly young team, but we have great work ethic, synergy and vibe. They are all in their twenties so they make me feel young and a grown up at the same time :) 

What motivated you to apply to RGF?

- Josh Parks

I applied for the Boston Career Forum last year and started interviewing with a few recruitment agencies to find opportunities in Japan. While connecting with them on LinkedIn, the TA at RGF reached out to me. Before I knew it, I was interviewing with them as well, all the way from the US. After speaking with all the directors of RGF, and even the other recruitment agencies, I felt that RGF was where I needed to be. They were ambitious, successful and were willing to share that with me. 

From outside the company, I felt this would be a place I could call home. I felt that I would be able to learn, grow, and gain a lot of experience that I could apply to my future career as well as my life. So far, everything has been great and RGF is now a place I can call home. The people here are ambitious and hardworking. They lift me up and give me constructive criticism at every possible chance they get. This motivates me every day to be the best and to find my own success here in Tokyo. To top it all off, RGF has a great culture, fun vibes and a pool table. 

My instincts were correct; I made the right choice and I would not change it for anything. 

What is exciting about the work you do?

- George Lees 

What is exciting about the work I do? 

I am a head hunter in Tokyo, isn’t that enough? 

If not then talking to new and interesting people every day, visiting head offices of huge household brands and negotiating global contracts. 

We work in a very vibrant international environment and it is very interesting to experience the different working styles and interests of our colleagues.

What do you like most about working here?

- Kana Hashimoto 

What I like the most about RGF is the environment. I think RGF provides the best place for non-experienced recruiters to be successful as soon as possible. There are a lot of trainings and the people around you are always helpful to answer your questions. When I joined RGF I did not know about recruiting at all but I got promoted within a short period of time and anyone has equal chances of getting promoted if you show your effort and deliver results. Since I am surrounded by the people I like, I feel energetic going to work every day. It is truly an international working environment and I love working with interesting, talented, and funny people. There are many company events in RGF too like Hanami, Summer BBQ, Halloween, and the Christmas party where I get to know people from different teams. Our weekly event, Friday Party, is also a good chance to get to know other people so new starters can easily fit into the RGF family. 

How would you describe the culture and the people here at RGF?

- Mitch Goddard

The people at RGF are very friendly, open, and inviting. It feels like you’ve been working with them for years even after just a few days. I think the thing I like the most is that everyone here is willing to help each other out no matter the task. There’s a real sense of camaraderie in the office. 

The culture of the company is fantastic, I really enjoy the diversity in the office and the fact that you can be yourself and show your individual personality and style. Everyone in the office has a hunger to help drive not only their career but also to help propel RGF to the next level and there’s a strong emphasis on not just individual achievements, but team, division, and company achievements as well and everybody has the passion and commitment to reach those goals.

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