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Salary: Open
Employment Type: Permanent
Languages: Japanese > Native
Sub-industry: Energy, Renewable Energy
Function: HR & GA

Company Overview

Japanese Leading Solar power renewable energy company

Job Description

Labour Specialist


We will handle not only clerical work such as personnel / organizational change work, labor correspondence such as employee interviews, evaluation / bonus calculation, salary / company insurance work, but also communication with the site and operation of the decision process.
・ Personnel operations: Joining / leaving, transfer management, personnel evaluation and management of salary increase / promotion and bonus determination process based on it
・ Labor work: Work rules / internal rules (revision of work rules / response to inquiries)
Labor management (work accident procedures / safety and health / health promotion / mental health measures)
Attendance management (attendance review / report / negotiation to Labor Standards Inspection Office)
・ Payroll calculation: Salary / bonus, year-end adjustment, salary payment report / preparation of legal records
* Since payroll is outsourced, cooperation and negotiation work with the outsourcee
・ Social insurance business: Various procedures at the time of joining and leaving the company, social insurance procedures, labor insurance business
There are 6 members in the Human Resources Division of the Human Resources and General Affairs Department. The work is divided in each area of ​​responsibility and the work is carried out as a team.

Additional Information

■ Required
・ Has more than 3 years of experience in corporate HR or BPO
-Have one or more of the following specialties (specialties)-
・ HR (organizational reorganization, personnel transfer, evaluation, employee interview, etc.)
・ Payroll (including social insurance and year-end adjustment)
・ Labor management (corresponding to law revisions of regulations, etc.)

■ Welcome
・ Persons with practical experience in business companies from venture companies to 300 people
・ Social insurance labor consultant qualification (those who are studying are also welcome)
■ Desired person image
・ Those who want to become specialists in personnel and labor at operating companies, those who want to broaden their careers such as system design and management as well as personnel affairs
・ Be able to work accurately and with a sense of speed with a sense of ownership
・ Be able to actively communicate with others (ability to be actively involved with others)
・ Always be aware of efficiency and priority (multitask management ability)
・ A person who can promote change by himself (a mind that can think and act actively, not passively)
・ You can proceed with things systematically and achieve your goals (ability to complete)
・ Always striving to acquire new knowledge and skills (ability to consciously input new things)

Probation Period: 3
Smoking Conditions: yes
Overtime: 30~40
Social Insurance: yes
Holidays: yes
Working Hours: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Lunch Break: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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