Location: Tokyo, Kanto
Salary: Open
Employment Type: Permanent
Languages: English > Business Level, Japanese > Fluent
Industry: Technology/Online
Function: Technology

Company Overview


Job Description

- セキュリティ情報収集
- インシデントレスポンス
- 自社システム脆弱性の影響分析および修正対応、修正完了までのハンドリング
- セキュリティ監視、ログ分析

- Gathering security information
- Incident response
- Analysis of the impact of vulnerabilities in the company's systems, response to correct them, and handling until the correction is completed
- Security monitoring and log analysis


- セキュリティ技術に関する基礎知識
- セキュリティインシデント対応、ログ分析などセキュリティ運用の経験
- システム開発(仕様設計・プログラミング・テスト)経験


- Basic knowledge of security technologies
- Experience in security operations, including security incident response and log analysis
- Experience in system development (specification design, programming, testing)

Language: Japanese-Fluent/ English-business

Additional Information

- 情報セキュリティの各種資格(CISA 、 CISSP 等)
- CSIRT(SOC) 業務経験者
- 決済系などの不正対策経験
- 金融機関における情報セキュリティに関わる業務経験
- Web 脆弱性診断業務経験者

Preferred Requirements
- Various certifications in information security (CISA, CISSP, etc.)
- Experience in CSIRT (SOC) operations
- Anti-fraud experience in payment systems, etc.
- Experience in information security at financial institutions
- Experience in web vulnerability assessment

Probation Period: NA
Smoking Conditions: Yes
Overtime: NA
Social Insurance: Yes
Holidays: Yes
Working Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Lunch Break: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Benefits: depends on performance
Job reference: JO-211119-275026

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